It is so easy to let life slip by without properly documenting it. The changes happen more quickly than any of us expect. Regular portraits are a way to slow it down a bit and create markers in time to look back on.

Why Portraits

A great portrait reflects the true character of the subject. We all have a little something that makes us unique. We can show that side of us when there is a fun, comfortable space between us and the camera.

All of this is true of any person at any age. There is never a wrong time to document exactly where you are (or your child or your grandparent is) right now.

Kids, Families, Seniors

Time is one element we just can’t slow down. All we can hope to do is remember the changes along the way as we look back at life. It’s easy to forget to set time aside to document those changes regularly.

Every age has a story to tell. From newborns to centenarians, the character is there waiting to be unlocked.






There are so many fun aspects to a portrait in motion. Seeing the expressions change, the outtakes that would otherwise never be seen, and bringing back the fun memories of that time of life are just some of them.


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