After over 700 weddings, I’ve learned that these days are like no other. They are filled with hope, empathy, and genuine love. It means the world to me that I can tell these stories.

Why Weddings

Form the moment I picked up a camera. I’ve been drawn to the light and composition. Weddings are what taught me to respect the moment.

The moments at weddings are charged! Love is on display in so many directions: from the couple, of course, but also parent to child, best friend to best friend. There’s even bowling team love sometimes!

A wedding day is a chance to make a mark on an entire community of people. Through focus and dedication (on the inside) and warmth and humor (on the outside), I strike a balance between guiding the day and letting it unfold naturally.

Portraits, Moments, Details

Of all the the thousands of photos I take at a wedding, they break down basically into these three, equally important categories: portraits, moments, and details. Every couple is different. Going into this experience, one of these categories may be a bigger priority to you than the others. 

My experience over the last 700+ weddings, is that when looking back on a day filled with so much, a good balance of each of these is what will bring the memories to life.




Engagement sessions

The first moment in front of a camera is usually a mixture of excitement and apprehension. For some, the word terror may be evoked. 

The reality is, photos with the right photographer are pretty chill, a lot of fun, and can yield very personal art that you will always cherish.

An engagement session gives you the opportunity to learn all that before the wedding, leading to a more immediately comfortable and natural wedding experience and photos.


Play Video

This is my alternative to videography. It is inexpensive, unobtrusive, and something totally unique.

I discovered this concept when looking at the back of my camera to review the photos. I realized they looked like a movie when I held the button down! That was almost a decade ago and I’ve been honing it ever since.

In addition to it being a cool option as a movie of your wedding, it’s also one of the best ways to see what I do photographically. It’s the whole day unfolding before your eyes.


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